KAKKO is a type of “Geta” footwear which is very famous and traditional it in Japan. KAKKO is very light weight and its strap is designed with “Hanao” which entails beautiful Japanese kimono fabric also the other special fabric such as Hawaiian’s. When you walk around wearing KAKKOs, you feel as if you’re walking barefoot on a wooden floor. KAKKOs are designed for all body types, so you feel as though they were specially made for you. Although, there are many designs and colors of “Hanao”, there are not many in stock. Therefore, you cannot choose from the “Hanao” styles as there are very few manufactured materials in our KAKKO Japanese factory. So, when you find your favorite, act fast and buy your new pair of KAKKOs!



 <Islands Collaboration> 
Hawaiian Fabric &
Japanese Cedar Wood


Japanese Fabric & Cedar Wood

 <Traditional Collection> 

The Origin Of The Name Of  “KAKKO”

In the old days, some people called a Geta as “KAKKO”.  That’s why, when people were walking in their foot steps, it had making sounds of “kakko…kakko”.  It made sounds like kakko when their outsole hit solid ground. At the time, Geta had set up without the outsole of rubber. When your outsole of kakko will be decreased, you’ll be enjoy the sounds of “KAKKO”.