KAKKO is a Geta that is a typical wooden footwear in JAPAN. It was born in 1800’s in JAPAN, so it has history of more than 200 years and moreIt is beauty and healthy, also artistic clogs that uses natural materials (thinning material of Japanese Cedar) Then it makes by handmade also it has high rarity. It is well known about the efficacy that moderate solid wooden body and HANAO is helpfully for your wellness in JAPAN. KAKKO is a foot wear which is good for your health.  Further, KAKKO has a personality by HANAO design and some of body types. When you wear KAKKO, you can be just wearing fine art easily.

Beauty + Healthy + Wearable Fine Art = “KAKKO” 



<Islands collaboration>
Hawaiian Fabric
& Japanese Cedar Wood



〈holo holo〉



〈mili mili〉






There are many designs and colors of “Hanao”, there are not many in stock. Therefore, you cannot choose from the “Hanao” styles as there are very few manufactured materials in our KAKKO Japanese factory. So, when you find your favorite, act fast and buy your new pair of KAKKOs!

<Traditional Collection> 
Japanese Fabric & Cedar Wood